A Science Fair Project on Alcohol and Drunk Driving

Dedicated to my best friend Kaly


Do you know someone who has been killed or injured because of drunk driving? After my best friend Kaly died, I decided to do a Science Fair Project on Alcohol and Drunk Driving.

I believe if more people knew about the science related to alcohol and intoxication then they wouldn’t use their feelings alone when deciding to drive after drinking. Too many people are too subjective when deciding whether or not to drive after drinking alcohol. If more people were educated to objectively plan in advance their alcohol drinking, then they wouldn’t drink and drive and put themselves or anyone else at risk for injury or death.

People get into trouble with alcohol because they are young and inexperienced, or because they have become complacent and tolerant to the dangers of alcohol. Regardless of someone’s experience with alcohol, if they would take the few minutes to plan ahead, they could still enjoy the benefits of alcohol while avoiding its harm.

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* * *

Dulora was sleeping underneath her favorite crazy quilt. She was dreaming again. Outside her floating room, snow was quietly falling. On her nightstand, the seconds were melting away. Sooner or later, she would have to wake up again, closer and yet so further away. . .

Moments before she closed her eyes and fell to sleep every night, Dulora would always force herself to think of impossible tomorrows, because of what her parents told her when she was really young, “better to hope for impossible tomorrows than to reminisce with ghosts about the past.”

* * *

And every morning she would wake up like all the times before with the warm sun on her face.

* * *

But eventually, one toil after the other, the days soon become insurmountable. The more she stayed awake, the more she remembered before falling asleep, and the less she believed in impossible tomorrows. Until at long last, last night, she stopped believing in them all together.

* * *

Dulora’s clock was seconds away from alarming when it suddenly stopped. Not long after, cracks started appearing everywhere, while Dulora disappeared from her room. And then, and all of the sudden,

the moon and earth broke free from the sun as mad and wild tornadoes touched the horizon. Waterfalls reversed, and melted snow slowly started dripping up from broken window panes. Under endless aurora skies, clouds burst into fire, and everyone and everything merged and changed into what they were not.

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