Far and Free


Far and Free

Great Basin National Park is a wonderful place to visit during the winter. GBNP is small enough to be appreciated in one or two days, and yet, the Great Basin is so vast and mysterious that you can’t help but feel that after you have left, no matter for how long you have stayed, you will have left missing out on so much.

wandering, wondering,
missed and forgotten,
lost and wayward,

lulling, pass away,
snowflakes and yesterdays,
blue and ado,

pathless, impassable,
nonlinearly, impossibly,

far and,

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A Science Fair Project on Alcohol and Drunk Driving

Do you know someone who has been killed or injured because of drunk driving? After my best friend Kaly died, I decided to do a Science Fair Project on Alcohol and Drunk Driving.

I believe if more people knew about the science related to alcohol and intoxication then they wouldn’t use their feelings alone when deciding to drive after drinking. Too many people are too subjective when deciding whether or not to drive after drinking alcohol. If more people were educated to objectively plan in advance their alcohol drinking, then they wouldn’t drink and drive and put themselves or anyone else at risk for injury or death.

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Dulora was sleeping underneath her favorite wool blanket. She was dreaming again. Outside her floating room, snow was quietly falling.

It was seven o’clock in the morning. In another hour her alarm clock would begin to ring. Moments before she closed her eyes and fell to sleep every night, Dulora would always force herself to think of better tomorrows, because of what her parents told her when she was really little, “Better to hope for impossible tomorrows than to live with the hurt and ghosts of the past.”

And every morning she would wake up like all the times before with the warm sun on her face. But lately, it was taking longer and longer for her to fall asleep, and today wasn’t any other day; for the first time last night, she forgot what her parents told her about impossible tomorrows. Today, there was a good chance Dulora would never wake up from her sleep again.

The second-hand on Dulora’s alarm clock was eleven seconds away from striking eight when it suddenly stopped. Not long after, cracks started appearing everywhere, while Dulora disappeared from her room. And then, and all at the same time,

the moon crashed into the sun. Waterfalls reversed, and melted snow slowly started dripping up from broken window panes. Dandelions and hummingbirds started to eerily glow. Under endless aurora skies, clouds burst into fire. Blue tornadoes touched the horizon, as tea cups, toads, and whales fell from the sky.

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